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Playing sports is about igniting a passion, belonging to a team, sportsmanship, teamwork, and building self-esteem. Every child should have the chance to experience team sports and learn skills that will help them compete both on the field and in life.

Youth Recreational Baseball

Boys: Ages 5-8 yrs old Coach Pitch

Boys: Ages 9-12 yrs old Player Pitch

***Age determined as of May 1, 2024***

League Play is in the Spring and Fall

Things to Know:

Registration:  Jan. 14 - Feb. 4                           $50.00
Late Registration: Feb. 5  - Feb. 9    $70.00
Days of the Week:
Monday, Tuesday, and/or Thursday
The team coach will determine practice day/time.

Games are tentatively set to start the week of April 15th

13-15U Baseball

Ages 13-15 yrs old

**Must be 13 by May 1, 2024**

League Play is in the Spring

Things to Know:

Registration: Feb. 25 - March 17  $50.00
Late Registration: March 18 - March 22  $70.00
Games are tentatively set to start the week of May 6th
Days of the Week:
 Monday, Tuesday, and/or Thursday
The team coach will determine the practice day/time.